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Sunday, 12/25/2016 @ 14:50 - So I can practice blood magic in space.

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Saturday, 12/24/2016 @ 01:53 - FESTIVE

Online collaborative board featuring my OC's.

Which, does anyone know of a program or website I can use to draw with other people online that doesn't lag? I draw really fast so it gets frustrating when I can't sketch. I used Hamachi+Drawpile above, but I want something like P-chat (that no longer works because of Java issues I can't solve).


Tuesday, 12/13/2016 @ 18:49 - yeeyee

Got this bad boy last night~ he's my favorite summon by faaaaar I'm so glad I got him.


Wednesday, 11/16/2016 @ 17:58 - Calling all space nerds!!

So I apparently ordered two copies of Legend of the Galactic Heroes v.3 like a dumbass, so I have an extra copy to give away!! I'm posting it here first since I still love my LJ friends best even if most of you are on vacation, but if I get no bites I'll just have to go to... shudder... tumblargh.

So! Anyone want this baby?

I admit I haven't caught up yet to know if you can just pick up at book three but hey, it's a good series anyway.

Just leave a comment if you have interest and I'll screen comments in case there are addresses and such. It would be easiest if I can ship it within the US but I'll consider overseas.

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Friday, 10/07/2016 @ 20:15 - o.o

Was playing Pokemon Go tonight when we found a drunk guy who fell flat on his face in the street. Luckily some ripped af firefighter showed up too while we waited for an ambulance.